Thursday, July 29, 2010

High School Pranks

It's a persistent urban myth that someone or other moved "the cow" from its perch atop Carry Dairy to some high school or other. The son of one of the original owners told me it never happened--the cow weighs 2,500 pounds, after all.

But Big Boy? Yessiree; here he is atop Ann Arbor's Pioneer High School, as documented in the May 30, 1973 Ypsi Press. He was swiped from a restaurant in Saline and hoisted atop the school via ropes. A crane was needed to de-hoist him.

Ah, youth. Have you ever taken part in a high school prank?

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Nicole Porter said...

I put my high school up for sale in the local paper - back in the 90's before kids could do it for free on Craiglist. $53 well spent.