Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"I w'd strongly advise any girl to avoid Detroit..."

More Cleary goodness. Here is a 1920 letter from P. R. Cleary to the superintendent of the Detroit railroad stockyards, recommending a girl as a stenographer and bookkeeper. Mr. Smith's response is not encouraging:

"P. R. C.
My secretary is on vacation, so please excuse this--Am not inwant of any one at this time--but am much obliged for your letter. Have not been very fortunate with girls from out of the City--+ find it better to get girls who have a home here. Living conditions are such here just now that I w'd strongly advise any girl to avoid Detroit unless she has friends here--If this one is determined to try--she can no doubt be placed at one of our other Offices. W. E. Smith

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