Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shotgun-Wielding Councilmen

"Aldermen were in a light and sportive mood Monday night when they agreed to dog out shot guns and sling shots for a mass attack on starlings in the Pearl St. neighborhood.

"The huntsmen are to meet this evening at 7 o'clock at the corner of Pearl and Ballard St. and are warning onlookers to watch the performance at their own risk.

"So vociferous have been complaints against the nuisance of the birds in that section that the council has been driven to direct action to preserve peace.

"Several plans were discussed. One alderman suggested importing screechowls to drive away the noisy starlings; others said traps should be devised for the birds; one suggestion was a proposal to hang bells on the limbs of the trees.

"When it was reported that one resident, after a few minutes' work with a shot gun had downed 28 birds, councilmen decided the gun was the thing, so tonight, the birds bite the dust." --The Ypsilanti Daily Press, August 20, 1935.

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