Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tidbits from the August 17, 1888 Commercial

"The Colored Evangelistic Association propose to hold a Camp meeting in Hemphill's Grove from Aug. 17 to 26."

"Rooming and Boarding: All who wish to take Normal students to room or board, during the coming term, are requested to furnish information on the following points: 1) Name, street, and number 2) Rooms or board or both 3) Number of rooms, furnished or not 4) Are rooms on 1st or 2nd floor? 5) Ladies or gentlemen and how many. The ruls forbidding ladies and gentlemen to occupy rooms in the same house will be observed. Direct through the P. O. to J. M. B. Sill, Ypsilanti."

"Rev. R. Jeffries, paastor of the A. M. E. Church, presiding elder of the first district of Michigan, wishes to day that he is in no way connected with the Camp Meeting advertised to begin in R. W. Hemphills grove to-day, and he warns all his people against attending or patronizing it, in any way, as in his opinion its leaders are first-class frauds."

""The three-story brick building at the west end of Congress street bridge, which Mr. DeMosh purchased last week will, with little trouble, be converted into one of the finest livery stable barns in the city. The horses will be kept on the lower floor, buggies and office on the second, and grain on the third. Mr. DeMosh expects to have it all arranged and be occupying it by the last of next week, or the first of the week after."

Ad: E. M. Comstock, purveyor of carpets, curtains, blinds, and dry goods at 128 Michigan Ave.

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