Saturday, August 13, 2011

Kroger, On the Air!

Now this is interesting, from the June 3, 1930 Ypsilanti Daily-Press. It's an ad for "Kroger Time: a new and enchanting radio program." Broadcast on longtime Detroit AM station WJR, among other local radio stations.

"You will be thrilled by exquisite music. Strange and interesting stories of intrigue and romance in many lands will delight you. Hear the stories told by Uncle Joe each Wednesday evening at Kroger Time: 9 p.m."

Also, you could get a "Jap Rose Health Ball" ['Jap Rose' was the name of a brand of soap] if you purchased a passel of soap products.

Anyone else nostalgic for the days when a grocery store sponsored a radio program, and promised us thrilling stories and beautiful music?

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