Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tidbits from the August 10, 1888 Commercial

"Any imperfections which may be noticed in this paper can be accounted for by fact that, owing to the ague, the editor has given his business 'the shake,' and us boys are running things to suit ourselves."*

"The old tannery building near Congress street bridge has been sold to Joseph DeMosh, who will turn it into a livery stable."

"Dick Cady is a great dog fancier. His dog Don has been so trained by his owner that he will lie down and tamely submit to be curried with a 'cow card.'** He seems to like the fun. He sat for his photograph the other day; but up to date he hasn't expressed his opinion as regards whether it is a good picture or not. "

"Alfred E. Thomas, one of the most esteemed colored men of this county, died at his residence in Ann Arbor last Saturday morning, aged 52. Mr. THomas was born a slave, but gained his freedom and came to this city upwards of 35 years ago. He was an old soldier, being a member of Co. I 102 Colored Infantry, which was Michigan's colored regiment. He was wounded at Deveaux Neck, N. C. Mr. Thomas was a prominent member of the A.M.E. Church of this city with which he was united 11 years since. He was also an active member of St. Mary's lodge F. & A. M., under whose auspices he was buried, Monday afternoon, there being about 30 of his brothers in line, including some from Ypsilanti. Rev. Mr. Jeffries, of Ypsilanti, preached the sermon, and the funeral was probably the largest colored funeral ever held in the county. He leaves a wife and two children."

Ad: Longtime Commercial editor C. R. Pattison sells his home prior to moving to Florida.

*Ague = malaria, of which trembling was one side effect.
**A brushlike tool apparently used for currying a cow.

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