Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tidbits from the August 24, 1888 Commercial

"The city marshal has posted signs about town notifying people that they must muzzle their dogs or they will be shot."

"An immense number of people attended the Farmer's Picnic at Whitmore Lake last Saturday. Ypsilanti was well represented."

"The Ypsilanti Dress Stay Factory has purchased the brick building, corner of Huron and Pearl Sts., which they have occupied for some time, and are enlarging and remodeling it, fitting it the better for their use."

"A grand racing matinee is advertised to take place at the Fair Ground [Recreation Park] here next Friday afternoon. There will be two races, 2:35 trotting and 2:30 pacing. The premiums offered for the first are as follows: first, Single Harness, $25; second, Wool Suit, $15; third, Side Saddle, $10; fourth, California Boot, $6. The premiums for pacing are, first, Road Cart, $25; second, Single Harness, $20; third, Riding Bridle, $6. Some horses between which there is considerable rivalry have entered these races, and they will trot and place "for blood;" no holding on the back stretch. Good music will be provided, and all lovers of a close and exciting horse-race should attend."

"Bloody Affair: Last Sunday forenoon one of the most disgraceful and bloody affrays which it has ever been our duty to chronicle took place in Ypsilanti. We will state the facts as near as we have been able to learn them, without any attempt to point a moral or adorn the tale. He who cannot do that for himself must be dull indeed, and we shall be surprised and greatly disappointed if the lesson which this affair teaches does not lead to a better enforcement of the Sunday-closing law here [account of a street fight follows]."

Ads: Cleary's business college was 5 years old in 1888, and its ad alludes to the school's having recently successfully placed four graduates in jobs. The Tycoon Tea House stood at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Washington and sold gasoline, crockery, veggies, produce and groceries.

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