Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tidbits from the August 27 1891 Ypsilantian

"Mr Draper is making marked improvements in the opera house scenery, adding a second drop curtain and several new scenes. The work is being done by Frank T. King, scenic artist from Buffalo, and it will add much to the interest and pleasure of the patrons of the house, when the season opens."

"The soil removed from the Methodist church excavation is spread all over the whole surface of the Presbyterian parsonage lot, raising the grade considerably. It may be interesting to observe what sort of a crop will germinate from such a mixture. Quite possibly, this grafting of 'free grace' upon the sturdy Calvinistic stock may produce something that we shall all want."

"That's right, neighbor [Ann Arbor] Courier, boom your city, but don't forget when you name all the nicest things in the world to add that Ypsilanti always keeps them in stock."

"It is said of Prof. Agassiz that from a single bone, he could construct a whole fish, but that is nothing compared to the exploits of O. E. Thompson who is now sniffing the breezes of old Ocean and taking a whirl on the beach. His greatest feat is to take a fish and in less than ten minutes exhibit its entire skeleton: and yet, he says he is hungry all the time."

"Ann Arbor is to have a new corset factory. Respectfully referred to Mrs. Jenness Miller"*

*a leading "apostle of dress reform" who was strongly against the corset and for more sensible undies

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