Sunday, August 16, 2009

The 1874 Diary of Ypsilanti Teen Allie McCullough

Part of a year-long weekly series of excerpts from Ypsilanti teenager Allie McCullough's 1874 diary, from the last year of her life.

You may remember that last week Allie was enjoying the last bits of her summer vacation. She got some early apples with her sister Marion out in the country, broke 2 dishes by accident, and suffered through a day so hot "that I did not dress half decent."

Aug. 14 Fri. Mrs. Williams was here and spent the afternoon. Had a pleasant time. Went up town in the afternoon. Saw Mr. Newton and Durbin. Had not mailed Carrie's letter so gave it to them. Did up every bit of the supper work and broke a dish [goodness, third one in a week! --ed.]

Aug. 15 Sat. The school teacher is here. Worked real hard all the forenoon. About noon Mr. Dudley came and said that they had an organ down there no one knew how to play on it and Mr. Gill wanted me to bring my music and stay a week. So after dinner I went upstairs and dressed and packed. Got down there about tea time. Played until bed time.

Aug 16 Sun. Had just got through breakfast when L. Moon came. Had a talk with him, then went upstairs, just got dressed when Mr. Howard's family came. Played a long time for them. Then Mr. Bolmin's people came and all stayed to dinner. Others dropped in in the afternoon. Emma and I were together all the time. They all went and we went over to Mr. Cotton's. Got home. Found Mrs. Betts and J. They had heard I was there and came right away. Stayed real late.

Aug 17 Mon. Alice and I carried on a side conversation. Several different ones came in the forenoon. Mr. and Mrs. Elliott came about noon and spent the day. Hunted clover. Put a four-leaved one over the door and put two white daisies in my hair and neck. Was sitting in the dark when Mrs. Betts and Miss Palmer came, then Mr. P. (the first one under the clover) and then Mr. J.B. Had a nice time and laughed with J. until they opened their eyes. [this is a very mysterious entry to me. I wonder what she meant by "first under the clover"? --ed.]

Aug. 18 Tues. Several came in during the day tht I had to play for. After supper I dressed and Mr. Padley (?), Mrs. P., and Mrs. Sill went up in the buggy to Mr. Howards. Had just got out of the buggy when Mrs. B. and I came in their buggy, asked me to take a ride. Went up to Sheldon's Corners and a long ride. Fine time. Mr. Betts came and Mr. and Miss Rhone to spend the evening. I played until almost tired to death, for them to sing.

Aug. 19 Wed. Mr. Moon came again in the morning. After dinner I took a nap, then dressed and Alice and I went up to Emma's school. Stayed there until it was out and then all went to Mrs. B.'s. Saw them thrash. Alice went home after supper. Emma and I stayed and had a jolly good time. Mrs. B. is O.K. Did not go to sleep until very late. I have acted my part.

Aug. 20 Thurs. Emma went to school this morning. I was going to go but they would not let me, so I stayed and had a very pleasant time. Stopped at Mr. Gills and found Ma. Got Emma and went. Had a nice time especially during the ride. Emma stayed all night with me. Got the powers. [?] Never shall forget firewood. Saw Mr. B. after we got there.

Aug. 21 Fri. Had made up my mind not to go home with Ma when Emma's sister came to take her home, so I ran upstairs to get ready and did so in two minutes. While there J.B. sent up word to see if I would ride with him. Sent back I thought not, so he and John went together. Got home, went out to the well and they came through the shop and spoke to me. I asked them in, but we had other company besides Mrs. Gill, Mr. P. and they would not come. Rained hard in the afternoon.

Thanks for reading; tune in this coming Friday for another chapter!.


Dusty D said...

I apologize that this was posted late this week. I've made a chart to remind me, so I hope it does not happen again. Thank you to the kind reader who reminded me to post it!

jml said...

This book says that if you hang a four leaf clover over the door, the first single man through the doorway will be yours.

Dusty D said...

Ohhhh...and I KNEW some resourceful reader would successfully come through with the answer to this question! Thank you, jml!

Something a bit forlorn there, about Allie sitting in the dark and paying attention to the "first one under the clover"...

Lisele said...

Sheldon's corners is still there, by the Denton cemetery. The Sheldon Schoolhouse is now a museum. That *is* a long ride in a buggy.

Dusty D said...

Yet another useful tidbit of info from a reader! I WAS wondering where Sheldon's Corners was! Thanks, Lisele!

Yes, when we go to Detroit's Eastern Market, traveling down on Michigan Ave., it's a while before we even pass Denton would be QUITE a while in a buggy!