Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Mystery Artifact on

Howdy historical peeps. Please allow me to apologize to you for not updating this weekend; our Internet went down. Dusty D's brainiac sweetie figgered out that it was the transformer thingie-box with the pluggie Dusty D stood by, slackjawed. Anyways, he fixed 'er up in record time and we're back in business. Odd that the transformer blew out...hmm, makes me think of arc lights and Tesla and all sorts of neato electrical topics--I should scurry off to my files to find an electrifying story for y'all. In the meantime, here is the Monday Mystery Artifact--good luck!

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jml said...

It looks like someone has already guessed this. I'll just add this link as an addition to your gasoline powered appliance collection. About halfway down the page is the Coleman gasoline iron!