Friday, August 7, 2009

Bok Bok!

Dusty Diary officially turns into a decrepit old biddie today.

Dusty Diary secretly enjoys being a decrepit old biddie. At last, a license to be cantankerous, costive, and curmudgeonly. At least I can still correctly spell "curmudgeonly," which not every curmudgeon can do, dangit.

Dusty Diary got a deep, dark, glass of Guinness for her birthday, which is the perfect beverage for toasting another year on this earth, and just about as much of a present as Dusty Diary deserves. Off to go take a dust bath now. Bok bok!


James said...

Dear Dusty Diary,

You are far from the decrepit old biddie you say you are. You are, however, something of a curmudgeon, but in a nice way. In other words, Happy Birthday.

Heidi Renée said...

From one old biddie to another (or at least I'm getting closer), happy shared birthday!

The Guinness is all yours, though.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! I look forward to being a crabby old lady who sits on my lawn and drinks. Oh wait. I sit on my lawn and drink now. Whatever, happy bday!

Ingrid said...

Happy Birthday Dusty Diary!

I'm even older than you are, but I don't feel that aged. Enjoy yourself today.

Anonymous said...

Dusty Diary - Happy Birthday!

I don't think you are an old biddie, at all! You don't write like one, anyways.

Your labels for this post had me in stitches.

Happy Birthday again - maybe have a(nother) cold one for me. :)

BF said...

I KNEW it!


Happy Birthday, indeed.

All my best.

Dusty D said...

James: I have known you for so long now that I take absolutely no offense (and actually a secret delight) at being confirmed as a curmudgeon. Thank you for your kind wishes...and for surprising me with a lovely CAKE in the Archives today with Mr. R.!

That was so thoughtful. I saved your card in my "saved cards" file.

Dusty D said...

Heidi: Oh, is Aug. 7 your birthday, too? Happy birthday! We share it with Garrison Keillor and Mata Hari.

Dusty D said...

Teacher Patti: I have enjoyed your articles on and hope to read more! Thank you for your kindest wishes.

Dusty D said...

Ingrid: Thank you for your nice sentiment. I would never have guessed you were older than I am from your lovely smile.

Dusty D said...

Jen: In obedience to your command I am having another cold one--there's an hour and 15 minutes more of birthday left, dangit!

Thank you!

Dusty D said...

BF: Thank you for your most appreciated nice words. I'm behind on the Mystery Spot update with all this celebratory stuff but it's in the pipeline!

Lisele said...

Hope you had a happy birthday -- it's been a pleasure getting to know you & DH. Any plans now to increase your family to include any pullets???