Friday, August 21, 2009

The 1874 Diary of Ypsilanti Teen Allie McCullough

Part of a year-long weekly series of excerpts from Ypsilanti teenager Allie McCullough's 1874 diary, from the last year of her life.

You may remember that last week Allie was enlisted as a volunteer piano player for one Mr. Dudley. She found a four-leaf clover and hung it over the door, and a "Mr. P." was the "first one under the clover," which, as one helpful person pointed out, was a belief that "if you hang a four leaf clover over the door, the first single man through the doorway will be yours." Sadly, this would never come true for Allie.

Aug. 21 Fri. Had made up my mind not to go home with Ma when Emma's sister came to take her home, so I ran upstairs to get ready and did so in two minutes. While there J.B. sent up word to see if I would ride with him. Sent back I thought not, so he and John went together. Got home, went out to the well and they came through the shop and spoke to me. I asked them in, but we had other company besides Mrs. Gill, Mr. P. and they would not come. Rained hard in the afternoon.

Aug. 22 Sat. If I had been superstitious people we would have made ourselves miserable on account of breaking the looking glass and Alex being gone. Run away from home a week ago today. No one knows where. Len Bradley went with him. I don't know what we are coming to. A very happy week I have spent in spite of everything. I am confident that I have gained something.

Aug. 23 Sun. I am about sick, but all of my diary seems pleasant enough, but that is because I write only the surface of everything and every day. I do not need to put down miserable things in order to remember them. I never can forget what is happening all these days to make me unhappy, never [underlined], but there is much that is pleasant. Will has gone to campmeeting. All of the others went yesterday afternoon.

Aug. 24 Mon. Joe Neller was here this morning. They are moving up to the other side of Carrie N.'s. We had other callers. A man came to get subscribers for a music book. It is very nice. He played quite a good many pieces out of it for me. I have subscribed.

Aug. 25 Tues. We have had callers again today. I was going up to Joe's tonight. Reading a letter I got from Flint, when right by --N.'s I heard someone call. When I turned around there was Mr. N. and Durbin. Had a long talk with Durbin. They want me to go back tomorrow night with them and then some back with will on Thursday.

Aug. 26 Wed. Went up to another meeting of the Young Ladies Society this afternoon. There were very few there, but we organized. When I got home we had callers. Do not think that I will go down to Carrie's. Do not feel very well. Mr. N. called for me, but I did not go.

Aug. 27 Thurs. Was sick last night and this morning. My music book came and I had quite a nice time practicing. Have had company this afternoon and Uncle Tom B. was here tonight. Will has gone to Flat Rock. It was a beautiful day.

Aug. 28 Fri. Mary and I went to John Harwoods today. Stopped and got Mrs. Clark. Did not get there until almost noon and came away after supper, but for certain reasons did not get home until almost eight o'clock. Mary stayed. Had a nice time.

Thanks for reading; tune in this coming Friday for another chapter!.

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