Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Has Your Child Lost His Marbles?

No worries! Moms, you can get a whole new bag of 'em for a paltry 4 cents, or, two two-cent canisters of Morton's Salt, according to this March 3, 1938 Ypsilanti Daily Press ad.

"Each bag contains an assortment of 15 "glassies"--plain, mottled and striped--in a wide variety of colors. Given away absolutely FREE with 2 packages of Morton's salt solely to induce you to use this famous non-caking brand with a spout that won't tear out!"

So no shooters...although, hmm, one marble in the upper right looks like a shooter. Dusty D remembers her big green glass shooter of ages past. This marbles offer was "at all grocers!"--making one wonder: how popular would it be today?


Duane Collicott said...

"A spout that won't tear out." I tore one out the other day. They're not made the way they used to be. Well, also, I tried to open it the wrong direction.

Dusty D said...

Hello Mr. Collicott, thank you for meandering over to these parts!

Bah, they should have labeled it more clearly so that you can see which side to open.

Strange to say I tore one out by mistake the other day too, in trying to extricate the last bit of salt, which had fused into a small stone (or marble) due to humidity and was rattling around in the empty canister.

Oh, for the days of yore, filled with shiny marbles and sturdier salt-spouts. :)