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The 1874 Diary of Ypsilanti Teen Allie McCullough

Part of a year-long weekly series of excerpts from Ypsilanti teenager Allie McCullough's 1874 diary, from the last year of her life.

Phew, we have a bit of catching up to do. THank you for your patience. You may remember that recently Allie was getting used to dancing school, was irked by teacher Miss Pierce, and on accompanying her mother to the depot, "did not see ant very nobby fellows."

Nov. 20. Fri. It has snowed all day and so hard at night that I did not go to Lyceum. Read almost all the evening. Will went to Lyceum. Said he had a good time. Everyone wanted to know where I was, but I am glad that I did not go.

Nov. 21 Sat. Have got my hat and sack done. They look real nice. I went up to Carrie's. Had a good time. While I was there Minnie Bramble came in and we all went down town together. Met Jennie Shipman. Had a little talk. Got all ready to go to dancing school, but did not go. Reak all the evening.

Nov. 22 Sun. Went to Church in the morning and stayed to S. S. Carrie N. has taken a class. It rained when I came home. Read all the afternoon. It is lonesome without Ma. Did not go to Church in the evening. It just poured about time for it to be out.

Nov. 23 Mon. Will went to Pontiac today. It blows a perfect Hurricane. Had a splendid time in school, especially coming home after school. Wanted to go up to Carrie's but it was too windy tonight.

Nov. 24 Tues. Went up to Aunt Lizzie's this afternoon. Did not go to school. Stayed there a little while, then went to Carrie N.'s Had a perfect tussle with Durbin. He acts a great deal as if he despised me (Ha. Ha.). Pa has gone to Detroit. Will has got back from Pontiac. He says Ida is pretty.

Nov. 25 Wed. Got a letter from Ma and Pa. They have gone to Pontiac. Saw Carrie when she went down home. Gave Mrs. H. a call. Got a splendid letter from Anna Rice and a very urgent invitation to spend Christmas and New Years with her. Wish I could. Spent a pleasant evening.

Nov. 26 Thur. Thanksgiving. Went to church. The services were very nice. Had a nice time all day. Read a great deal. Never had such a jolly time [in] my life as I did tonight. Lou Gratton and Hattie Bergers were here and spent the evening. I like them real well, much better than I expected.

Nov. 27 Fri. Went up in the morning to have my picture taken, but it was too cloudy. Sewed and read in the afternoon. Pa and Ma came home just before supper time. I went to Lyceum. There were as many as thirty Normal students down. Had a lovely time. They tried to impeach M (hot time) and intend to carry it on next Friday night.

Nov. 28 Sat. Has snowed all day long and all last night. Sewed almost all of the afternoon. Dressed and went up to dancing school. Had a magnificent time. Was introduced to several very nice fellows, a Mr. Rathburn in particular is elegant. Mr. Peck is very nice to me, but do not return the compliment.

Nov. 29 Sun. Went to Church and stayed to S. S. Mr. Comstock was there and spoke. Went riding in the afternoon. Nice time but too cold to go very far. Dread to think of going to school tomorrow. Wrote a letter to Emma Stone. Did not go to church in the evening.

Nov. 30 Mon. Pa and Ma went down to Milan today. Excellent sleighing, but very cold. The boys at the Sem. had a great time snowballing the Normals. Hated to go to school this morning. It seemed as if I had been out two or three weeks. Jolly time this afternoon.

Dec. 1 Tues. How I do wish it was the last day of school. Had callers after I got home from school. Then Carrie N. came down. Had a good talk. Went up town and got some calico for the collar and cuffs. Meet L. E. and L. D. Went to the Post O. with them and they came home with me (Stare) (Why?)

Dec. 2 Wed. It is much warmer today. Alex took me up to school and quite a long ride. Came for me this noon. L. E. and L. D. and I took a short ride. Marion was coming up at night for me, but by that time the snow was almost all gone. Lou and Hattie were here in the eve. Have an invitation to spend the evening at Carrie Haywood's tomorrow.

Dec. 3 Thurs. Came around the depot way with the girls this afternoon. Had a good time. Got ready and went up to Carrie's about half past seven. Never spent a pleasanter evening. There were only four couples of us. We played cards and I got quite well acquainted with Philo Hall and Olie Harris (Name you a heart). Did not get home until 12. (A dance in the tower) (Refreshments)

Dec. 4 Fri. Had several compliments today concerning last night. Went to the store today where Olie Harris clerks. He is just O.K. Went to Lyceum. Carrie H. called and went with me. Had a very pleasant time. Sat with Carrie M. Mac was very nice but gave him the slip. Had quite a talk with Gay.

Dec. 5 Sat. Hattie called today and nettie G. stayed to tea. Mrs. Shipman came and found out where the lessons were. Jennie has been sick, was not at school Friday. Went up town with Ma and got some new shoes. They are just handsome [b]oxed with kid. Went to dancing school. Got scquainted with several. Am getting so I can dance the round dances.

Dec. 6 Sun. Went to Church and stayed to S. S. Did not have time to talk hardly any with Carrie. Saw Will Ackley. Was introduced to him last night and had quite a conflab [confab? -ed.] through several mistakes. Carrie came for me to go home and stay all night with her. Went to Church. Had as good a time with Durbin as it was possible to have on Sunday.

Dec. 7 Mon. Had ever so much fun this morning. Came home before school time. Had all my lessons today. Got a letter today from Ida. Went to the dressmakers with Lora Eaton. We have had an excellent talk. Saw Philo Hall twice today and think he is real nice.

Dec. 8 Tues. Had all my lessons today. Latin is getting tiresome. Laughed this afternoon until I ache. Jennie and the rest have been telling anecdotes. one was a man wanted to put on the tombstone of his wife, "Let her rest in peace." Not having room he thought he would have the first letters of the last three words, "R. I. P." It would be, "Let her RIP."

Dec. 9 Wed. Got a letter from J. H. Got our invitations to the Fireman's Ball today. Went to the gallery this noon to have my picture taken large but had to wait so long I could not go to school. Stayed with Mary all afternoon so that Ma would not know it is for her Christmas present.

Dec. 10. Thurs. Cousin N. came today. I was invited out to spend the evening, but did not go. Went and took tea with Aunt Lizzie and then gave Carrie a call and let her read Joe's letter. We had a splendid talk. Then Durbin came with two letters for Carrie. I read one.

Dec. 11 Fri. Talked almost all the afternoon with J. S. Had a gay time. Snowed some. Had a headache so I thought it would be better to stay at home tonight and not go to either Lyceum. Seemed rather strange.

Phew! Thanks for reading; tune in this coming Friday for another chapter!.

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