Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chickens, Bees, and...Pigs!

Ypsilanti has chickens. It also has bees. If anyone is contemplating a campaign to restore its onetime pigs, that would be, if nothing else, historically accurate. Here's a 1919 ad from the Daily Ypsilantian-Press about a guy living in the Water Street area offering for sale a complete set of pigs. You get the sow and 11 darling piglets. He's just east of the railroad bridge, right by Sesi Mazda there, kinda across the street from the time-warp known as Ypsi Mobile Village. You might like to stop by and look over those wee porkers!


Wystan said...

My all-time favorite classified advertisement for piglets was reprinted (with great glee) by the New Yorker, about 40 years ago. Who could resist this offer? "FOR SALE / Six weak old pigs . . . ."

BF said...

"... a complete set..."

Ummm... just what *is* a complete set? It's not like the person was advertising dinnerware, a croquet set, or the pieces to a Game of Graces.

Would 10 piglets have been less than a complete set?

Dusty D said...

Wystan: But aged ham is so tasty! :D

Dusty D said...

BF: Well, I s'pose so, since in that case one poor li'l piglet would have been left behind to grow up all alone. That would be sad.

On the other hand that could be the start to a life of fame and fortune.