Friday, December 11, 2009

The 1919 Diary of Ypsilanti High School Teacher Carrie Hardy

Part of a year-long weekly serialization of Ypsilanti high school math teacher Carrie Hardy's diary.

Bonus diary today. Time to catch up! Whew!

Nov. 25 Tues. Am working in the library vacant hours. After school made a stew with dumplings at the Webb's again.

Nov. 26 Wed. Chapel this morning. 1st hour off. Mr. Olmstead talked. Mr. Piper + Ed Mosher sang solos. Had a seance with Helen Glass.

Nov. 27 Thurs. Ate Thanksgiving dinner with May Webb, her mother + aunt. In P.M. we saw Mary Pickford in "Hoodlum," at the Martha.

Nov. 28 Fri. A great many students absent. Scolded Guy Peppiatt. Faculty entertains first group of students. Miss Steere chairman.

Nov. 29 Sat. A stormy day-late in the P.M. the storm was severe, crippling traffic wires, etc. Milan + Adrian suffered.

Nov. 30 Sun. Went to church. Mr. Arbaugh's last day. Mr. Erickson begins tomorrow. Lillian over in P.M. She is tatting. Went to bed early.

Dec. 1 Mon. Gave test in Geom. Burtt Crippen starred. After supper helped Van with Trig. Washed blankets + went to bed early.

Dec. 2 Tues. Miss Hoffman entertained the teachers (some of them) upstairs at lunch. Fraser lectured at Normal in evening; J. Laird S. Lewis C. Leur [?] + I went.

Dec. 3 Wed. Kept those students after school who failed in class. Five stayed. In Eve, finished making my cap.

Dec. 4 Thurs. Mr. Erickson called the first teachers' meeting + read an address. First Athletic Council meeting to approve Y's + R's. [?] Saw Players.

Dec. 5 Fri. Miss Laird came in after school + we went down town. Lillian brought us home. Worked during 3rd + 4th hours on towel rack.

Dec. 6 Sat. Knitted nearly all day. Lillian came over in the afternoon-had pancakes for supper-then went to the movies.

Dec. 7 Sun. Made graham gems for breakfast. Gave Van [3? F? a grade?]. Did not go to church. Knit. Lillian over during P.M.

Dec. 8 Mon. Am knitting a pair of mittens for Rob and croqueting [crocheting?] a cap for Robert. Came home for dinner.

Dec. 9 Tues. Pretty cold, but I am comfortable. School is going fairly well. Mr. P. asked me to average the Ind., B. G., + Est. by medians.

Thanks for reading; tune in next Tuesday for the next series!


Lisele said...

So wish "The Martha" was still a movie option. I'd love to walk to the movies after a pancake supper!

BF said...


I agree. I wish there was a downtown movie option. While EMU shows free movies several times a semester, it'd still be a nice addition to Ypsi's downtown nightlife.

There must be a way to do it... perhaps we could work on getting the Riverside Arts Center outfitted with a projector and screen, for those weekends when there is nothing in the theatre?

I note, in a perhaps tangentially related observation, that the Hollywood video on Washtenaw has closed.