Monday, December 14, 2009

Poetic Effusions Rejected

The editor of the Ypsilanti Commercial, the peppery C. R. Pattison, published an editorial in the December 15, 1877 paper telling readers to stop dropping off their original poetry at the paper's office at Cross and Huron. Though he's a bit snappish about it, the themes of the poems remind one that death was never far away not long ago.

"--Our readers have no idea of the number of poetic effusions sent or left at this office. They but rarely posses merit, though the authors imagine them gems of the first water. Unless of a very pertinent local character we cannot publish them. If we should publish all the love and sentimental poetry, especially relating to the loss and death of friends, cemeteries, heaven, etc., out readers would cry out in anguish of spirit, "Lord, have mercy!"


Anasia said...

snappish is right! oh my.

Dusty D said...

Anasia: :) If you think that's bad I should post some of his Temperance and pro-sufferage rants! Plus he regularly took potshots at the Sentinel newspaper editor. If "potshot" is defined as pouring verbal sulfuric acid over someones head. :D