Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bonus Images for Ypsilanti Citizen Story

The Citizen today published my story on Ypsilanti's newest boutique, "Mix." Here are some additional images to accompany the story! Postin' 'em here only because they are enlargeable, so you can embiggen 'em and scrutinize the details. Thanks to the Citizen for publishing my story!

Top section of the poster for the "Continental Vocalists" who performed at Hewitt Hall in 1856.

The second section of the singers' broadside poster.

This 19th-century image shows Hewitt Hall and a portion of Michigan Ave.

This 1916 image shows Ray Fletcher at left, John Burkheiser at right, and Lewis Tyler on ladder, renovating 130 W. Michigan Ave.

A 1934 image of a parade, with Hewitt Hall in the background.

A late-1920s image of the northeastern corner of Michigan Ave. and Washington, showing the original third-floor Hewitt Hall.


Dusty D said...

Those streaks of light on the last image are because the photo was water-damaged and rippled, and I didn't want to further damage it by squooshing it down on the scanner yesterday at the Archives. Anyways.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!