Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Do You Have a Man to Please?

Readers, if so--then please that man this Christmas with one of these dapper Lounging Robes!

Look how elegant yet comfortable they are. The gentleman on the right, after working hard all day to provide for the family, is kickin' back in his formal shoes, nice trousers, and lounging robe, and lighting a cheroot.

The gentleman on the left is sporting a slick bow-tie-lounging-robe combo. Nice!

Wouldn't your sweetie look even more handsome than usual in a nice, hot, slippery Rayon Robe? How about a Cocktail Coat? Those have smart satin stripes and are fully lined. At day's end, mix up a shaker of martinis, have your guy peel off the grey flannel suit and pop on the dashing Cocktail Coat, and watch his stress just drain away.

Make your selection over at Mellencamps (don't forget to pick up some war bonds and stamps while you're at it).

--Ypsilanti Daily Press, November 27, 1942


cmadler said...

Yes please! I love the idea of coming home, changing my suit for a Cocktail Coat, lighting up, and having a martini.

jml said...

"For better service, shop early also shop early in the day and early in the week"... because we get cranky before supper.

Dusty D said...

cmadler: That sounds nice, and would be a good psychological "break" from the work mode into home mode. One wonders why the Cocktail Coat went "out." But no reason it can't come back in!

Dusty D said...

jml: Heh. I think the store was trying to avoid a last-minute Xmas pileup. But it's funny how stores used to bark at customers in ads. I have another one that testily tells (not asks) customers that gift returns are a pain in the patootie and to get them all done by Jan. 6 or else!