Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday Mystery Spot

This 1919 Daily Ypsilantian-Press story covers the news from Carpenter's Corners. At this time, this was a recognized locale, and appears on old plat maps (dangit, I may have given it away right there).

It was named for a onetime farmer in the area and was a li'l settlement back in the day. But where was it?

Dusty D is choosing this article for this week's Mystery Spot in a so-far-unsuccessful attempt to stump the uber-history-experts out there. With this one, you don't even have a pic to go on. Heh. OK, y'all, where was Carpenter's Corners? (rubs hands with glee!)


Wystan said...

Carpenter at Packard.

joan said...

I agree with Mr. Stevens, because of the Carpenter reference but also the reference to Leverett's. When I first moved to AA over 40 years ago there was a Leverette's home, market, etc.on Packard near Carpenter. I love local history and can't wait for your book.

Dusty D said...

Wystan: Well, I certainly didn't expect to stump you... :) Er--I mean, interesting guess! We'll find out this Wednesday!

Dusty D said...

joan: That is fascinating information. Never knew about Leverett's. Your post so intrigued me that I just checked the 1856, 1864, 1875, 1895, and 1915 plat maps (in two books published by a local historical society). It's fascinating. Land labeled with the Leverett name doesn't appear till the 1915 map, so far as I can see.

In that year's plat map, suddenly 2 large plots labeled with the name Leverett appear. One on the south side of present-day Carpenter & Packard, on both east and west sides of Carpenter Road.

The other is a bit south of that. Both owned by one Charles Leverett.

The first plot mentioned had a little school...not far south of the gas station at the SW corner of the present-day intersection. The school, or a school, was there for many years; all the way back to the 1856 map!

Joan, would you have any other information you remember about Leverett's? Was the home and market you mention on the NE, NW, SE, or SW side of the intersection? I would love to hear anything and everything you remember on the subject if you have a moment.

Thank you for your kind comment about the book! I do hope you enjoy it!