Monday, December 7, 2009

Contest: Name That (Ypsi) Train

From the ivy of Ann Arbor
to the near Canadian shore
She'll roll through Ypsilanti
like some old and tired whore
Although she's fat and pretty,
it's really quite a shame
She'll be a line of rolling stock
the Commuter with No Name.

--Tom Dodd

The commuter train is coming, fingers crossed, to Ypsilanti in 2010. The latest Depot Town Rag, the local paper written by Tom Dodd, asks you what we should name her. Recall the storied train names throughout the years: the Empire Builder (Dusty D has been on this one), the Orange Blossom Special, the City of New Orleans, the Coast Starlight. What name would do justice to local history? Send your train name ideas to thomas dodd [at] comcast [dot] net!

1 comment :

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