Friday, January 8, 2010

The 1874 Diary of Ypsilanti Teen Allie McCullough

Part of a year-long weekly series of excerpts from Ypsilanti teenager Allie McCullough's 1874 diary, from the last year of her life.

Last week, Allie was surprised by visitors just as she and Anna were toasting themselves in front of the fire.

Jan. 1 Fri. Went up to Anna's just as soon as I finished my breakfast and could get dressed. She was not dressed yet when we saw Cooper and Strickland and Rankins coming. I had to open the door and entertain them until she came down. They stayed an hour. Had a gay time all day. At night Anna and I had out shoes off and our feet stretched out before the fire when we heard the bell. There were those three fellows. We did not have any light except what came from the fireplace. J. G. went after J. S. When they came we had refreshments. J. G. took J. Shipman. H. took Anna and J. S. took me. We had a lovely time.

Jan. 2 Sat. They did not go home until two o'clock this morning. I stayed all night. Strickland told me that I looked sweet. If it had been anyone else I should have been surprised. Found three cards when I got home. Went up to Carrie's. She went with me up to J. S. Durbin and Will came in the evening. Going home it was awful muddy. I pulled my rubbers off ever so many times. Durbin walked with me, Will with Carrie.

Jan. 3 Sun. Went up to the Library in the afternoon. Came across Kate Cody. Went all over town and then up to Joe's with me. We had a good chat together. Stayed there until dark, then I went up to Uncle's and got a book to read, then around to the Post Office. When I got home I found Cad Newton. She stayed to tea. When she went home I went up to town with her and to the Post Office.

Jan. 4 Mon. Went to church in the morning, stayed to Sunday School. When we went home it rained and blew a perfect hurricane. Wanted to go up to the Jubilee this afternoon, but it rained and I could not go. Wrote a good long letter to Ida and read all the rest of the afternoon. Went to Church in the evening. It was real pleasant but cold.

Jan. 5 Tue. Went to school this morning. It seems real good to see all of the boys and girls again. I take Latin and French and Geometry this term. We did not have to recite today. Lucy Jennes was there this afternoon. She sat with me almost all the time. Carrie N. came down tonight and stayed till dark. I have had my seat changed and now sit in the senior aisle.

Jan. 6 Wed. Have had all my lessons today. Jennie Shipman sits with me. It is just gay at school this year. J. S. and J. H. are all right and as "grissing" [?] as ever to each other. Joe and I are more intimate this term than we ever have been before. Mrs. Guy came tonight and made quite a call. Carrie N. came also and had something good to tell me as usual. Mr. Whitman walked up to school with me.

Jan. 7 Thurs. Strickland came and sat with me this noon. I don't know what to make of the fellow, he is so queer. I have had all of my lessons and ever so much fun for Mr. Van Cleve keeps his eyes in our direction all the time and we act worse or as bad as any girls in school. We are going to have a public Lyceum and they want me to read. Perhaps I shall. It is snowing. Marion is up to Aunty's.

Jan. 8 Fri. This has been one of the gayest days this term and I have had all my lessons. I have had my Geometry three times and I am afraid it will be three and then out. Will came up to school after me with the sleigh. I took Joe and then took Jen home, after that we had a long ride. When I came back I found Aunt L., Clara B., and Joe W. Had a good visit and they all went off and left me alone.

Thanks for reading; tune in this coming Friday for another chapter!.


lhillebr said...

Thank you so much for posting this diary. It is very interesting, and keeps me looking forward to the next weeks segment!

Lisele said...

Me, too!