Sunday, January 24, 2010

Huron Hotel: Huron Motor Inn Menu from the "Indian Room"

In 1962, Ypsilanti lawyer Bill Anhut bought the Huron Hotel in 1962, and, so far as Dusty can tell, was the person who renamed it the Huron Motor Inn. The restaurant in the hotel, in the old-time coffee shop space, was called the Indian Room. Here is its menu.

Things I find interesting: one of the sandwiches consists of "imported sardines," served open faced on toast with spanish onion, tomato, and olives. Dusty D would love this sandwich, but was surprised to see it on a menu, since I don't think it would be popular today...but why not? A mystery.

Note also that lemonade is offered only "in season." We can infer that the Country Time et al drink mixes that line shelves in the store simply did not exist in the early 60s. And it hearkens back to the time when we ate everything in season (or preserved or from storage) since that's the only thing that was available.

To give you some idea of the prices, 25 cents in 1962 is $1.76 today. 50 cents = $3.52, $1 = $7.04, $2 = $14.09, $3 = $21.13.

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