Thursday, January 7, 2010

How Many Bridges of Ypsilanti? Part II

When Dusty D inquired as to how many bridges were in Ypsi, she discovered she was dealing with some serious knowledge-mongers! (Eek!) Good info from both BF and cmadler!

Looks like the definition is key here; BF focused on bridges actually under city jurisdiction, which nets us 5 "city" bridges: "LeForge, Forest, Cross, Prospect, Spring." BF said, "Other bridges within the City limits belong to other jurisdictions (MDOT [I-94, Mich. Ave.?], railroad, etc.)"

cmadler took a more inclusive view, counting ALL the bridges that exist within the city and coming up with 12 or 13. Phew, I had to break out my maps to pin this down and see what's actually within the city limits. Let's take a look (click for larger map image) and boil this down:

- 6 city streets with bridges over the Huron River (Superior, Leforge, Forest, Cross, Michigan, Spring)

DD: OK, right off the bat we find that Superior Road Bridge (#1 on the map) is JUST outside the city limits. The section of road leading to the bridge leading to the bridge adjoins the city line, but the BRIDGE PROPER is just BARELY outside of the city. Phew. OK, I'm afraid we'll have to eliminate Superior Bridge.

Leforge Bridge (#2 on the map) actually forms part of the city limit. That's in! Forest (#3), Cross (#4), Michigan (#5), and Spring (#6) are all in. Running total: 5.

- 1 I-94 bridge over the Huron River This appears to be barely within the southernmost city limits and is #7 on the map. Running total: 6.

- Prospect bridge over the railroad just north of Michigan Ave (#8 on the map; also within city limits). Total: 7.

- Michigan Ave bridge over the railroad just inside the city limits Just inside is close enough, #9 on map. Total: 8.

- Grove bridge over I-94 Sure enough--that's one I never thought of! #10 on map. Total: 9

- 2 railroad bridges over the Huron River.The Forest St. bridge (#11) is in. The other one on the northwest side of the city (#12) is, like Superior bridge, BARELY outside the city limits and sadly must be excluded. Total: 10.

- According to Google Maps, "Ecorse Service Road" bridges the Huron River just south of I-94, at the mouth of Ford Lake. I know something bridges it there, but I somehow thought it was just a bike/walk trail. Phew. Dusty D had to delve into Google Maps too...sure enough, there it is, a teeny tiny mini bridge! (#13). Total: 11

But if we're inclusive, then of course we have to throw in the Tridge (#14), totaling 12.

There are a few small bridges within the Washtenaw Country Club golf course, but we'll toss those out as they are not public bridges. Still at 12. (re-scrutinizes map, determined not to miss one!)

Wait!--one more--the Huron going over I-94 is another one that appears to be just barely in/on the city limits! #15 on the list. Total: 13.

There are little bridges at EMU in the Student Center fountain-pond, but they're not really public bridges per se...we'll toss those out too. Still at 13.

Wait! The footbridge linking Waterworks Park with Gilbert Park! Yay! #16. Total: 14.

(feverishly scans map...north, south, east west...)

Phew. I think that's it. So far as I can see, the official total of public foot- and car-bridges within city limits is...14. Thanks to BF and cmadler for their great info!


Dusty D said...

(Nervously) I didn't miss any, did I...(confidently) No, of course not! (crosses fingers)

Dusty D said...

(Panicked) WAIT! I forgot the 5 bridges in Ford Lake's North Bay Park along the boardwalk trail! I think it's 5.

Those are certainly public bridges, not to mention quite pretty.

OK, that revises the official total to 19. Pity we can't find one more to make it an even 20.

Paul A. said...

Isn't there a bridge on the path at the west end of the Cross St. bridge going to Frog Island?

Dusty D said...

Paul: Ooh, I *did* miss one. Of course! The old cement bridge, scene of the Streicher murder all those years ago. How silly of me. Thank you Paul, that brings us up to 15!

Paul A. said...

Of course, by west I meant EAST-Doh! With the 5 North Bay Park bridges you'd also added, it would actually make a full score, except I'm pretty sure all those bridges are not within the city boundaries (Google Earth shows the border bisecting the northernmost island along the bike path, which puts 4 of the bridges in the township). So the count is (currently) 16.
Also, there is (was?) a foot bridge from the Ford plant parking lot across the river to the plant itself, although it falls under the 'private' category.

Paul A. said...

One last comment...when I read this post, I initially thought there was a typo (a missing 'G') in the following selection from the first paragraph: "...serious knowledge-mongers! (Eek!)" ;-)

Dusty D said...

Paul: Thank you for sleuthing out the secret city status of one of the North Bay bridges! :) I appreciate your checking--we're at 16, then. Whew!--quite a few.

Paul A. said...

Sorry, one more post...found this map on the City's website showing the same border as Google Earth.