Friday, January 29, 2010

The 1874 Diary of Ypsilanti Teen Allie McCullough

Part of a year-long weekly series of excerpts from Ypsilanti teenager Allie McCullough's 1874 diary, from the last year of her life.

Jan. 23 Fri. It snowed real hard this morning when I went to school. I came over to my seat the first thing and stayed until the little bell rang. Went to Lyceum and Will went with me. Joe told me that I never looked so well before. carrie N. was there and we had some time to talk but not much for C. bothered us so. I was chairman. John Ninda went home with me. Did not go to school in the afternoon. Had intended to if Carrie N. had not have come in.

Jan. 24 Sat. Went up to the Library and met Joe H. and Carrie N. We stayed and talked quite a while and then we went over to the Post Office. All the boys were there. I have heard something that makes me provoked. Carrie came down in the evening and stayed a little while. I love her better than anyone I believe. J. H. came to the door and I think had intended to come in.

Jan. 25 Sun. I did not go to Church or S. S. in the morning but stayed home to read, sang and played and cracked nuts with Ben. The book that I have is splendid, almost as good as Ruth. It is Richard Vandermarch. Went to church in the evening. ALl of the boys and girls were there. Will came home with me.

Jan. 26 Mon. Went to school. Had all my lessons. Strickland told me that he came down to my house Saturday night and saw a light in the parlor and someone sitting there so "I would not come in." He was intending to spend the evening. Went up to Carrie N. after school and we saw Anna Rice. Have her album to write in. It is real pleasant today.

Jan. 27 Tue. Went to school. Had ever so much fun. J. Stoddart came to my seat this noon. Have not spoken to S. Had a meeting of the lyceum after school. When I got home I found Carrie N. She stayed until dark. Had to write a composition tonight and do ever so many other things. Have a compliment for Carrie from W.

Jan. 28 Wed. Strickland came over and sat with me this noon, but I was not very pleasant and answered him rather sharp. He is going to the social at Littlefields with Joe, I with Wilie and Cad and G. W. We had a real nice time. I got acquainted with quite a good many. S. talked with me a long while and Joe looked horrid. Even Will noticed and spoke about it. She said she was going to dress and look just as nice as she could.

Jan. 29 Thurs. Had ever so much fun in school, laughed out loud two or three times. Joe and I made everyone in the room look at us, we acted so. Of course we had to stay after school half an hour, but we went in the Library and laughed and talked all the time. Went up to Cad N's after school with Jen S. Did not go to the Playdees but Will went. Durbin and I had a debate.

Jan. 30 Fri. Well, it has stormed very hard all day long. I came home in it all this noon and went back to school. Cad M. came down and went to Lyceum with Will. I had a good time at the social (it had stopped snowing), I promenaded with Strickland and sat with C. W. during L. We did not hear two words of the debate but were watching for answers to certain notes that we sent. I gave John N. the mitten. The critique of last week said that I very modestly and becomingly did my duties as chairman.

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Christy said...

I really enjoy these... but it's been a couple weeks since the last update...have you decided to discontinue this series?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing as Christ. Also, what month did Allie pass away?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant Christy :)

Joe said...

I think the date of her death is July 19th 1875.