Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The 1919 Diary of Ypsilanti High School Teacher Carrie Hardy

Part of a year-long weekly serialization of Ypsilanti high school math teacher Carrie Hardy's diary.

Jan. 28 Tues. Final Exam in Alg. IV. Decided to pass everybody. Teacher's meeting after school to discuss next Semes schedule. Called on Miss Walz.

Jan. 29 Wed. A very hard day with Exams + classifications. Teachers' meeting at 4. A quiet evening at home alone. Knit.

Jan. 30 Thurs. School 1/2 day. Records attended to in P.M. + I went to ANn Arbor for Rob's ring $10. Bo't black taffeta skirt $6.50 + black shoes $6.40.

Jan. 31 Fri. Gave out report cards. Registered at city clerk's office. Attended 2 lectures at Normal. Concert + lecture in evening.

Feb. 1 Sat. Swept, dusted, washed. Went down town for groceries in the afternoon and again with Miss Laird in the evening. Prof. Laird is still sick but better.

Feb. 2 Sun. Miss Laird + Mrs. barbour in this morning. Home all day. Accomplished little. Slept about 1 1/2 hour and read paper.

Feb. 3 Mon. Contemporary Club lecture. Women Citizen's Board supper at Temple at 5:30. 2nd. semester begins. Short sessions of 15 min. A.M. + P.M.

Feb 4 Tues. Hall duty at noon again. This week letter from Miss Gardner. Mr. Laird is no better. Mrs. Morse is teaching for Miss Creech who goes to Detroit.

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Lisele said...

I wonder what she registered for on Jan 31 -- women did not vote at this time. Just think of that!