Monday, February 8, 2010

Story Featured on Absolute Michigan

Absolute Michigan picked up my story about the 1926 modem and slapped 'er right up there on their front page! Wowie! Neato mosquito! Thanks, AM!


Anonymous said...

Peachy keen, jelly bean :)


Btw, did you see the a2Chronicle Twitter about doing something for the person doing Laura B's job 100 years from now. That jarred me for some reason. I guess in 100 years some beleaguered teacher will be posting on that person's blog, probably still complaining about how the teachers won't accept her special ed students!

Dusty D said...

Thank you for your nice comment Patti. I appreciate the link you posted to the Detroit schools. I read it Bleak. I agree with the author that some sort of boarding school would be good for the kids. Kwame Kilpatrick proposed one, it said, but it never happened. I hope it does. Think that's really the only way to have a chance at breakng the cycle.

Yeah, I didn't know what to make of that tweet, really. I do try my best to make interesting stories, but I'm just a small local writer. I have a long, long ways to go before my writing gets to the level I want. So I view myself as still, and perhaps always, just a learner trying to improve.

It is funny to think of our future selves, though. Also underlines the need to seize the moment now, don't sweat small stuff, enjoy.

Yeah, all that in one tweet! :D