Friday, February 26, 2010

The Great Depot Town Train Crash of 1939: Photos

The famous late-Depression Depot Town derailment that took out more of the previously damaged depot.

The little boy in the first few pictures looks to be around 6 years old. Perhaps he was born around 1933, which would make him around 77 today. It's quite possible this crash still lives in living memory in several Ypsilantians. Perhaps the little boy is someone who's now living in Cross Street Village. Or someone's uncle, or something Grandpa mentioned a couple of Thanksgivings ago.

I would love to find this former little boy who looked, astonished, at these tumbled bricks and tossed-about railcars all those years ago...and hear what he had to say.

Click for larger images.

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Dusty D said...

I like the "gay blade" college (?) men in the 2nd pic...with their natty straw hats. One is sporting a pipe.