Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Book on Horizon

The book publisher told me that the book is coming off the presses soon.

When I was a girl, I used to go to Taylor with my dad to "help" his work fixing Heidelberg printing presses. He has an old platen press in his garage right now. It's the most beautiful machine I've ever seen, not only because of its old grace and beauty, but for its intricacy, its history and purpose of spreading literacy, and its connection to my dad's life work.

One time at dinner with my family years ago my mom said that my career of writing was like a natural extension of my dad's work. I thought that was one of the finest and best compliments, and certainly the most touching one, that I ever received. (Checks) Yep, that's still #1.

Publisher just send me this contact sheet is going out to local folks in Ypsi inquiring if they would like a countertop display box with a few copies of my book in there. Wow. I feel very grateful. A lot of dear folks helped me in so many ways and this book is the fruit of their kindest help.

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