Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Mystery Spot

Ah, Dusty D was so confident. The confidence of a child at the zoo who wants to pet the pitty orange and black stripey kitteh.

When will I learn?

Of course, last week's super-mysterious-extra-puzzling photo was guessed correctly. The photo was nothing more than a strange li'l goat-cart with only the tiniest hint in the left background. Well, that was enough information for lhillebr, Joe, AND BF! Yep, this a view from the south side of Cross Street near River--with that pesky tell-tale Thompson Building in the background! Good job guys! I am impressed, to saythe least!Given Mystery Spotters like that, what's a poor blogger to do? I gave you a photo of a weird airplane. You correctly guessed it was Recreation Park. I gave you endless photos of cryptic buildings. You guessed 'em all. THEN I gave you a photo of the then-countryside, with only a strange and miniscule white dome in the background. Ah, no problem--you guessed it was the old city well in today's Waterworks Park.

OK. The gloves are coming off.

This week's photo is of a famous Ypsi spot that was used for decades.


There are no goat-carts. No tell-tale buildings in the background. The photo is from 1986. And the only thing visible is....grass. And some trees.

So (wicked smile spreads across face) you are, dears:


designated conservative said...

The old city dump down off Factory/Harriet St.

Dusty D said...

That is an interesting guess, Designated Conservative. :)

Phantom Railfan said...

Site of the Ypsi-Ann Drvie In Theatre?

Joe said...

I like Phantom's guess but I will stick to my first guess. Is it recreation park?