Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Mystery Spot

After perspicacious Mystery Spotters guessed building after building after building, Dusty D got fed up. "Fine!" I secretly fumed. "OK, next time you get NO BUILDINGS." And I was true to my word; last week's M.S. was only some weird lump in the middle of a field. HA!
Did that foil you? (jaw clenches) Of course not! (forces grin, looks really fake). I can't win.

BF correctly guessed that this was the old cover for the city well, in the southernmost tail of what is now Water Works Park. You can still find a few old bricks and things if you poke around out there; it's an atmospheric spot, with the mysterious piles of sand and wood chips and what-all. The railroad ran along the east side of Huron down to the waterworks plant. The photo is looking west from the east side of the river to the city well at center left on this 1895 map.
So, with the solution to this most elusive of Spots, I conclude that there is no way for me to win Mystery Spot.

Wait. Or can I? How about a Goat? How about a goat and a Cart? How about a goat-cart pulling a little boy? Pulling him on a street you may have traveled...or not. I have! In fact I was on this street today, secretly passing judgment on the folks who didn't shovel their walks to my specifications. But w h e r e?

So my dears, (dusts off hands, hooks thumbs into suspenders with confident complacency, realizes that those aren't my suspenders, apologizes to random angry guy, slinks off), the gauntlet is thrown down. Lemme see you guess THIS li'l doozy!


Joe said...

And I thought I was good at this. I admit, I need clue. How about...Is the building still standing?

Dusty D said...

You ARE good at this! :)

To answer your question "is the building still standing"....yes, in a way.

lhillebr said...

My only guess would be on East Cross with the building on the far left being the Thompson building. Its a long shot but this one is tough!

BF said...

Look on page 3 of the last Gleanings, available here:

Joe said...

Good clue! But I am too late. I agree with Ihillebr the building in back of the Thompson building. The photo was probably near the corner of East cross and Lincloln.

Dusty D said...

I see some interesting guesses here from lhillebr, BF, and Joe (Joe, it's never too late) :)

lhillebr, this one was tough for me too and for several Archives folks I showed it to! We shall see next Wednesday!