Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ypsilanti's "Bread Wars" of 1910

When do you think the "buy local" movement started up? 2000? 2005? How about 1910? Yessiree, it's all laid out right here for ya in today's story in the Citizen!


jml said...

I hope Gaudy's slogan is revived. One possibility:

Google's Good Goods

Dusty D said...

:) I like it. He was quite the colorful character: fancy-poultry raiser and enthusiast, donut maker, and, oh yes, mayor.

There are also some details that come to light now and then that make me think he was also a good man; e.g., he employed a black worker in his shop long before the Civil Rights era, when employment opportunities for blacks were extremely limited.