Thursday, February 25, 2010

Citizen Interview coming up

Dusty D was just interviewed by a lady from the Citizen for an upcoming interview piece, which I thought was very nice of them. She was good!

1. She did not let herself be fobbed off in email, as I initially kind of tried to do, being both shy and a control freak. She (nicely) insisted on talking on the phone. I respected and liked that. Email is the way to give one's interviewee the upper hand, and it sounds stilted later in print. Nope, she talked directly to me. That's a mark of good journalism.

2. She asked a comprehensive range of good questions. Covered pretty much everything in an efficient way.

3. She took notes on her computer during the call, which I thought was good. Writing is slow and memory is fallible, not that I dispensed any gems for the ages.

4. She made me feel comfortable. Dusty D is not known for her people skills and I wouldn't be a good reporter. But A. Z. was easy to talk to.

It was well done. Will be fun to see it in print; it's odd to have my life going public in a way when I spend 99% of it alone somewhere and quite content at that. Thanks to the Citizen.

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