Friday, June 12, 2009

The 1874 Diary of Ypsi Teen Allie McCullough

Part of a year-long weekly series of excerpts from Ypsilanti teenager Allie McCullough's 1874 diary, from the last year of her life.

You may remember that last week Allie was getting ready for her talk at the Lyceum. She also visited the Old Burying Ground and had a good time staying after school with her friends.

June 12 Fri. Went up to Carrie's tonight after school and had a real nice time. She was not at home and I waited for her with no one there but Durbin. Had just got home when she came and wanted me to go up to Lyceum with her. I went. J. J. S. was there and came over and talked with us. I went on a perfect strain [?] while he was there.

June 13 Sat. Carrie came down early and stayed to tea. We had a real nice time. When she went home I went up to the school house to practice. Was just opposite Joe's when I met [Alfred] Lucking. He asked my company or rather that he would like to go if I would let him walk with me. Did not get home until about eleven. Had ever so much fun.

June 14 Sun. Went out riding this afternoon. Went up to the Burying Ground [likely the Old Catholic Cemetery, now part of EMU's campus, or Highland Cemetery--Prospect Park was no longer a cemetery in 1874] and then up to Jennie S., then home and up to Carrie N.'s. Took her [on] a long ride and then came home. Wrote a letter to C. B. and commenced one to Ida. Went to the M. E. [Methodist Episcopal] Church. It was trimmed beautiful for the children [in 1868 the Methodist and Methodist Episcopal church decided to celebrate every 2nd Sunday in June as Children's Day].

June 15 Mon. It rained tonight after school. We stayed to trim the hall. Had ever so much fun. Came home, copied my essay. Went up town and then got ready for Public Lyceum. Everything went off splendid and I was told that I had the best essay and read the best of several. Jen. S. came home with me. I looked all right, well, so they all told me and I got quite a good many bouquets.

June 16 Tues. Went up to school this morning. Everyone told me that I did the best. Have an immense boil on my back. Stayed home this afternoon from school but went with Marion, Anna V., and Mrs. Woodruff up to Mary V.'s with the horses. I drove. Had a very nice time and a splendid drive.

June 17 Wed. Stayed at home all day. About eleven o'clock Aunt Lib and Delia, Uncle Robert, Clara and C. came. We had a splendid time. Went boat riding in the evening. Carrie N. came down in the evening. We had a good talk. She was just going away when Uncle Joe came, so we have six here now.

June 18 Thurs. Went to school. Had a jolly time. Went up to Carrie N.'s after school. Uncle Robert went home today and I miss him more than I would all of the rest. While I was up to Carrie's Mr. Becker came and I had an introduction to him. He seems real nice.

June 19 Fri. There was a meeting of the Lyceum after school tonight so I did not get home until real late in the afternoon. Then I had to go up town. Got ready and went to Lyceum. It adjourned to go to Public Zealots. Went there. Got a seat near Carrie. Went to Stebbs and had ice cream. All of the folks went up to Ann Arbor today and Joe went home in the evening.

June 20 Sat. It is terrible warm. Went up to school about four o'clock. While there it rained. We had a glorious time. When I went home I stopped in Joe's, had a good talk and she went down town with me. Had candy tonight and a good time.

June 21 Sun. Did not go out of the house today, but read and slept almost all of the time. It is very warm. Clara is sick; Charlie not very well.

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Ashley said...

How neat that you received bouquets when you did well at the Lyceum. I think we should reinstitute the Lyceum and the bouquets.