Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The 1919 Diary of Ypsilanti High School Teacher Carrie Hardy

First in a year-long weekly series of excerpts from Ypsilanti high school math teacher Carrie Hardy's diary.

June 9 Mon. Junior-Senior Tug-O-War. Juniors won. After supper I went riding with Lillian. Swept, dusted the front room + hall. Mrs. Arnold is sick.

June 10 Tues. Nothing much doing. Drove with Lillian before school in the morning and worked hard after school sweeping + dusting, etc.

June 11 Wed. Chapel with discussion of the new Constitution. After school L. + I had a lunch together in Recreation Park. Then went to the Martha [Martha Washington movie theater, now Deja Vu] to see Nazimova in Red Lantern.

June 12 Thurs. Drove over for Miss Steere before school this A.M., then took Miss Webb + Lillian to school. Mr. Simon wanted help after school. P.L.S. after supper with election of officers.

June 13 Fri. Took Miss Webb over to her school. At noon went into Bank + paid for my liberty bond. In evening Lillian + I attend a recital at Normal.

June 14 Sat. With my car full of people (Mr. + Mrs. Erickson inc) attended a picnic with Mr. & Mrs. Lyman, Dr. + Mrs. Gorton, etc at Rawsonville. Lillian staid all night. Drove to Ann Arbor in eve.

June 15 Sun. Up at 4:30 + Lillian + I drove to Detroit. Arrived in time for breakfast. Were home again by 10:000, so we did not stay long. Rob painting the kitchen. Baccalaureate tonight.


Fritz said...

I notice much driving people here and there. I wonder if having a car still a fairly big deal in 1919.

Dusty D said...

That's a good observation. She was a high school teacher, so presumably a good middle-class salary, but she also did not own a home, but apparently boarded at 223 River. Or did in 1910, 1912, & 1913, according to old phone books. So maybe the car was something special she treated herself to.

The frequent ferrying other people around continues in the rest of the diary, too, so I think your supposition might be right.

Jennifer Redfern said...

I believe back then the car was just something to do and also to find new places. If she was anything like me, I can see how that is her favorte thing to do. Also Carrie was middle class, however more of the upper middle class. Her brother Rob owned many Subsdivions and trash company's back then in Detroit. My family was actully very well to do back then, and therefore I would think it wouldn't have been much for her to buy a car for her and her brother. I mean her grandfather was murdred because he was showing off his money, which we said was a big mistake. About 223 River St., her father and her own that house about that time we believe, I mean if it is the big brick one. For we have many pictures of Henry at that house. However after Henry died in 1915, things could have changed.

Jennifer Redfern said...

Oh Yeah, Who is Lillian?
I mean with Carrie being about 47 at the time and Lillian being 21, i just don't get it.

Dusty D said...

Dear Ms. Redfern: That is fascinating to read the details about your family. Thank you for so kindly sharing them and adding to everyone's understanding of Carrie and her era. I really appreciate it.

I did not know that she actually *owned* all of 223 River. It's a beautiful house to be sure--a big brick Italianate right on the river across from the co-op.

I do not know who Lillian was. I don't think her age was mentioned in the diary--may I ask, how do you know Lillian's age?

Thank you again for your invaluable comments! It's so great that you are adding so much to our understanding of Carrie and her time.

Jennifer Redfern said...

Hey Dusty,

Yeah, well your welcome. I know Lillian's age because I have read all the diary before, actually copied it by hand to be able to take it home. So i know what's coming ahead. But Lillian's birthday is coming up in there soon i believe.