Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Few Random Tidbits from the Archives

In the Archives today DD was reading the 2 massive Highland Cemetery files, trying unsuccessfully to find out more about Peck's Gully (I did find out more about the Peck Family and "Peckville" which I'll post tomorrow). But I did write down some tidbits gleaned while searching which I hope you enjoy:

--The late 19th century was known as the "cemetery beautification" era or the "garden cemetery" era.
--The Starkweather Chapel has Tiffany windows and at one time a log-burning fireplace.
--Between 1860 and 1899 8 pioneering "lady doctors" practiced in Ypsi.
--There are 23,000 graves in Highland Cemetery but no one kept track of them until 1894.
--The first burial in Highland Cemetery was Elias Norton, who was buried in Block 1, Lot 1, in 1864. The second was Mrs. Dow, who died under unclear circumstances and who is said to haunt the second floor of the Museum.

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