Friday, June 19, 2009

The 1874 Diary of Ypsi Teen Allie McCullough

Part of a year-long weekly series of excerpts from Ypsilanti teenager Allie McCullough's 1874 diary, from the last year of her life.

You may remember that last week Allie had a smash success reading her essay, "Step by Step," at the Lyceum, and received many congratulatory bouquets. She went boat riding and was sorry to see a favorite uncle, Uncle Robert, leave after a visit.

June 19 Fri. There was a meeting of the Lyceum after school tonight so I did not get home until real late in the afternoon. Then I had to go up town. Got ready and went to Lyceum. It adjourned to go to Public Zealots. Went there. Got a seat near Carrie. Went to Stebbs and had ice cream. All of the folks went up to Ann Arbor today and Joe went home in the evening.

June 20 Sat. It is terrible warm. Went up to school about four o'clock. While there it rained. We had a glorious time. When I went home I stopped in Joe's, had a good talk and she went down town with me. Had candy tonight and a good time.

June 21 Sun. Did not go out of the house today, but read and slept almost all of the time. It is very warm. Clara is sick; Charlie not very well.

June 22 Mon. Stayed after school at night, down in the basement to help them make wreaths for the Chapel. Had a glorious time. Did not get home until they had got through eating supper. Tore my dress in front, put a band on my over shirt and did some other work. Charlie and Will have gone up to Ann Arbor.

June 23 Tues. Stayed after school tonight. Did not have as much fun as before, but more in the school hours. Went over to the depot after school. Got there just as the train started but I saw them all and waved them my goodbye.

June 24 Wed. Stayed after school tonight until after six o'clock. Had ever so much fun. John and Fannie were not there, but were gone up to Ann Arbor to the University Commencement. They came though before we came away and I think John and Fannie especially are nice.

June 25 Thurs. Was examined in Latin. Passed 95. Had a magnificent time after school. Helped for the programs. Did not get home until seven o'clock. Then I had supper and dressed myself for the Lyceum. Had a nice time. Am elected Vice President for the next term. (Got a drink) (Climbing fences) (Dove)

June 26 Fri. Was examined in French and Geometry this forenoon. Passed both. In the afternoon I went up to school with the horses and took a lot of plants. Stayed there all the afternoon working and tying programs and making letters. The mottoes are very nice and the hall is trimmed beautiful. Jennie S. came home with me, then went back to hear the graduating exercises. They were very nice. Came home with Carrie N.

June 27 Sat. Went up to school this morning with the horses to get the plants. Stopped for Joe. All of the boys and girls were up there and we had a splendid time. Stayed almost all of the forenoon. Joe came home with me, then I went up town with her. Bought some nice bouquets. Joe told me something good that J.S. said about me. I have Joe's and Selinda's pictures.

June 28 Sun. Went to church in the morning, stayed to S. S. It is terrible warm. Read all of the afternoon. Went to Church at night. Carrie and D. came home with me. Did not stay. Go to [?] until real late.

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