Friday, June 26, 2009

The 1874 Diary of Ypsi Teen Allie McCullough

Part of a year-long weekly series of excerpts from Ypsilanti teenager Allie McCullough's 1874 diary, from the last year of her life.

You may remember that last week Allie helped put up decorations for a commencement ceremony, as the school year came to a close. She passed all her final exams and even got a 95 in Latin. Allie was also elected Vice President of the Lyceum for the next term.

June 26 Fri. Was examined in French and Geometry this forenoon. Passed both. In the afternoon I went up to school with the horses and took a lot of plants. Stayed there all the afternoon working and tying programs and making letters. The mottoes are very nice and the hall is trimmed beautiful. Jennie S. came home with me, then went back to hear the graduating exercises. They were very nice. Came home with Carrie N.

June 27 Sat. Went up to school this morning with the horses to get the plants. Stopped for Joe. All of the boys and girls were up there and we had a splendid time. Stayed almost all of the forenoon. Joe came home with me, then I went up town with her. Bought some nice bouquets. Joe told me something good that J.S. said about me. I have Joe's and Selinda's pictures.

June 28 Sun. Went to church in the morning, stayed to S. S. It is terrible warm. Read all of the afternoon. Went to Church at night. Carrie and D. came home with me. Did not stay. Go to [?] until real late.

June 29 Mon. Worked quite hard this morning and ironed my muslin this afternoon. Went up stairs, took off all that I could and laid down just for a nap, but I slept from two o'clock until five. Had just got off of the bed when Carrie N. came and I did not mave my hair combed and was not dressed, but she came upstairs while I dressed. We had a good talk.

June 30 Tues. Ironed some in the morning and sewed almost all of the afternoon. Went to the graduating exercises of the Normal in the evening. Had a very nice time. Sat with C. and D. The exercises did not amount to much. The hall was trimmed very nice.

July 1 Wed. Went to the graduating exercises this morning. They were very good. Got home about one o'clock. Carrie N. came home with me and stayed to dinner. Went up to Jennie Shipman in the afternoon. Had quite a good time, especially going and coming. Did not get home until real late. Received a work from J. J. S.

July 2 Thurs. Started early this morning for Cora Guy's. Got almost there when we met Mr. Guy and Ed. They were just moving. We went with them and got home about one, time for dinner. Joe N. made a call in the afternoon. Carrie N. came down.

July 2 Fri. Had a good deal of work to do today. Went up town in the afternoon to do the marketing. Carrie N. came down and wanted me to go up home with her to see the baby. Marion and I went after supper. It (the baby) is real nice. Everyone is busy with the Fourth. They have made beautiful arches across the streets and the stores and houses are decorated.

July 4 Sat. There was enough noise this morning. Got ready and went up to Joe's, then up to the Fairground. Had a delightful time but worked hard though. All of the soldiers came in our booth to eat and I had as much--as the rest of the girls. Mary Dugall came out in the morning and we all stayed up on the grounds until after the fire works. They were grand. Carrie N. was with me at the fire works.

July 5 Sun. Did not go to Church in the morning. Went riding in the afternoon and to Church tonight. Commenced a letter to Ida. Quite a good many of the Cadets stayed over night and are around town today.

Thanks for reading; tune in next Friday for another chapter!


Lisele said...

The fair grounds that Allie went to are now Recreation Park, right? So strange to think of her passing right by the houses on Summit, many of which were standing then as they are now. Maybe even some of Allie's friends lived in them.

Dusty D said...

Yes ma'am, the fair grounds were in Rec Park. Perhaps the streetscape she viewed was not so different from today, as you say.