Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ypsilanti Historical Society Garage Sale: Ypsi's Best Yard Sale, This Saturday, 9-4 at 311 N. Wallace just off Cross!

Yep, this Saturday! Tons of items old and new and large and small. YHS president Al Rudisill says "We have an unbelievable amount of stuff this year." Come early and see what treasures you find before they're snapped up, perhaps by me!

311 N. Wallace is south off Cross halfway between the water tower and YHS. Here's a Google map. Bonus: it's "sale day" throughout the neighborhood so there will be 40 to 50 (!) other garage sales to peruse.

Insider tip: Mr. Rudisill notes, "you get a lot of people coming early to get the good buys." If you want that unique item that all of your friends will admire, you might want to pop by just a tad early. Earlier than DD, anyways.

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Dusty D said...

What could be more enticing than a sale of a million treasures, gems, oddments, thingies, and "ooh, wow"'s by Ypsi's dedicated, scholarly, and passionate **historical society**?

Not much, brother.