Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"Like a Bomb of a Life-Saving Station": In Action!

Kind readers may recall the recent post about the awe-inducing strength of Ypsilanti's water system.

The engineers and spectators at the Cross Street bridge that day were out to test the strength of the system. First was a test of how far the water could spray horizontally.

"A plug was fastened to the end of a long tape-line, and inserted in the nozzle of the hydrant. At the word, water was turned on, and away shot the plug, leading out the line like a bomb of a life saving station"

Well, what do you know but one kind reader kindly sent in photos of just such a life-saving station! And bomb!

Turns out it's a missile shot by a cannon and connected to a rope, neatly stored on a pegboard.

Presumably, the sorta-ancient mariner, pictured, is trained to not actually strike the unfortunate drowning person with the missile...kinda defeats the purpose, there. But anyways, enjoy these pix, thanks to our kind reader!


Dusty D said...

Of course, in the amount of time it takes to wheel this heavy li'l cannon down to the shore and get the rope set up and prime the cannon and put in explody things and insert the missile--CAREFUL DON'T BLOW YOUR HAND OFF--and stand back a safe distance and ask around to see who has a lighter and end up going back to the house for one and finally return and blow it up...

...you could have just rowed out there and saved the poor guy.

But that's no fun!

Lisele said...

Ah, another classic case of technology to the rescue.