Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer "Gleanings" Ypsilanti Historical Society Magazine is Out! 28 Pages (!) of Local Historical Tidbits!

Gleanings is out! And it's 28 pages! This is a good meaty issue, highlighted by (cough) two articles in particular. Stories include James Mann's account of the 3 paranormal investigations of the Ypsi Historical Museum, an account of a child who in 1941 got stuck in the Prospect Park cannon--all except for his hands sticking out--[read the article to find out how they removed him!]--and a history of the Chick-Inn drive-in that includes the lyrics of Detroit rock band the Gories' tribute song "Chick-Inn."

Makes you wonder if the Chick-Inn is the only restaurant in town to have been honored with its own actual song. Hmm...

(wresting self away from tangent) The Historical Society publishes Gleanings 4 times a year and welcomes article submissions from local writers. Have a cool idea for an article about Ypsi history? Please send it in! The address is at top of the form at left. Or if you'd just like to read it, Gleanings is available free at the Archives and at spots around town. Would you like a year's worth sent to your (Michigan or outstate) home? No problem--just send in a $10 year's membership; you can use the form above.

Membership has its privileges, let me tell you, though aside from getting Gleanings, they are of a somewhat intangible nature. But!--for example, the next time someone tries to tell you Iggy Pop was from Ann Arbor, you can merely elevate your eyebrows, cough slightly, and say, "Well, as a MEMBER of the Ypsilanti Historical Society, I happen to know..." That should stop such nonsense in its tracks, yessir. At any rate, though hundreds of copies of Gleanings were published (yours truly helped carry them down into the archives, fresh in boxes from the printer) they do go fast, so either send in a membership or grab your own copy today to enjoy!


Anonymous said...

I got my copy, and enjoyed the story of the society gooing on line. Well written,and inforitive. I also enjoyed the pice on Ypsilanti's checkered past. Good stuff.

Dusty D said...

Anon: That is very kind of you. Both were fun to write and I was honored to see them in Gleanings and hope to write many more.