Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Diary of Abba Owen

Newest chapter in an ongoing serialization of the 1888 diary of Abba Owen, daughter of Ypsilanti mineral water baron Tubal Cain Owen and Anna (Stowe Foote) Owen. The Owens lived in a now-vanished house near the current day Roosevelt School building on EMU, where Tubal also had his magical and very profitable well.

Friday Aug 17th: This morning I did not feel very well so I lounged around. The Doctor came this morning to see Rickey and he said he would not come any more and Rickey says that he will get up in the morning. Got up and dressed in the afternoon but is feeling weak. I went down town this afternoon.

Saturday Aug 18th: This morning Mama, Rickey Grandpa and [I?] rode up to the pasture to see the horses and to take them some corn. This afternoon Papa was watering the grass and I went out and helped him.

Sunday Aug 19th: Grandma and I went to church this morning. Prof. Sill delivered an address. This afternoon Mr. Post came down and asked us to come up and see their fountain, which is supplied from our place, so Papa mama and I went up and sat on their verandas. This evening we went down to Grandma's to lunch and had a nice time.

Monday Aug 20th: I got up real early and got my chores all done before breakfast. Grandpa, Rickey and I drove up to the pasture and brought Rickey's horse "Molly [Bann]" home. We do enjoy our water-works so much this afternoon I went out and watered the vegetable garden. Mama and I went down town to-night.

Tuesday Aug 21st: This morning I went down and fed and watered Eber's chickens and rabbits. Grandma and I went up to Mrs. Post's this afternoon and made a long call. Grandpa and Grandma took us here tonight. Mama received a letter from Eber and also one from Hattie.

Wensday Aug 22nd: To-day has been a great deal cooler than yesterday, this noon the thermometer stood at 66'. This morning a [peedlr] came along and mama bought a pair of lace curtains, a couple of lovely towls and a silk throw. Mrs. Glover called this morning. This afternoon Mama and Grandma went over to call on Mrs. Prof. Shepard. Prof. Sheppard and [Mrs.?] start to-morrow for Dakota where he is hired to teach at an agricultural college. This evening about half past six Ebe drove us with Prof. [Ludiser]. Ebe has been sick nearly every since he has been away, he was taken [jorist] about as Richard was. The doctor said he came very near having typhoid fever.

Thursday Aug 28: Prof. [Luderen] stayed over night and went on the none o'clock train. Eber has been in bed all day. Grandma was up and spent the afternoon.

Friday Aug 24: This morning "Geneva Boy" broke from his stall and the men were all afraid to catch him. so papa sent over for Jud Newton (who has raised him from a calf) to come over and catch him, so Jud came over and went to get him before anyone knew it and pretty soon Papa and Richard heard Jud a-screaming and they ran and found him onn the fence almost scared to death. It seemed that the bull had knocked Jus down and hooked him but the horns did not go into the flesh but tore his clothes and scraped him and it made him very sore and lame. We telephoned for the doctor and he said that Jud would be all right if he kept still. Papa said that he would kill Geneva Boy, so the butchers came up this afternoon and Mama Grandma and I and all the men-folks went down to the field and Papa had a repeating rifle and when the bull came up to the water trough to drink Papa stood on the other side of the fence and shot at him and he reared up but did not fall so Papa shot again and he fell. Geneva Boy was a registered Holstein and a very handsome animal and he weighed 870 lbs. when dressed for market. Eber was dressed today and laid out on the lounge.

Thanks for reading! Tune in next Tuesday for another week of Abba's diary!

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Dusty D said...

I'm guessing that the name "Geneva Boy" is a reference to Geneva, New York. Guessing that either the bull or his blood line originated there.