Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wuerth Theater story in today's Courier... sure to grab a paper copy (it's not online this week). The article and photos look great thanks to the Courier staff's usual wizardry. Thank you Courier folk!

UPDATE: Whoopsie, I was wrong. It IS online, sorry, I must have missed it. Buy a paper copy anyways so you can put my article in your Dusty Diary Articles Scrapbook. That thing's gonna be worth a fortune someday at Sotheby's.


jml said...

It sounds like the clarinetist in the house band, Nicholas Falcone, was later appointed director of the University of Michigan bands. He was innovative (first script Ohio), and progressive (admitting women and African Americans to the concert bands). Eight years later, he had to resign after losing his hearing.


DD said...

Wow, pretty interesting. Sounds like there's a story there. Thank you for the tip, jml.

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