Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Grandma's Trunk

Here is the chest that I'll use on Sat and Sun at Heritage Fest for "Grandma's Trunk." Check this out--it's a beautiful and very piratey trunk! The interior is lined with faded pink paper and two pictures of elegant women. The visible rack comes out to access the large chamber underneath.

This trunk was most kindly lent to us by Linda French. We are very grateful to her for her generosity and trust in us with this lovely old antique.

Dusty D will fill this trunk with Mystery Artifacts from my own collection. The idea is that kids can try and guess the function of e.g. my darning egg, sad iron trivet, candle snuffer.

The secret compartment under the rack will hold a rug and various key supplies to help Grandma make it through a day out in the sun. :D

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