Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Michigan Avenue's Blue and Gold Picture Palace

Enter under the glittering marquee to a cork lobby floor under two giant hanging lamps. Tickets secured, walk down the hall to the theater in the rear. Ooh, baroque blue and gold decorations. Look, leather-upholstered seats. It even has fancy-schmancy box seats, look, right over there. Wowie. Sshhh, the movie's about to start.

Ann Arbor clothing merchant J. F. Wuerth had done up his Ypsilanti theater in style! Read more in the Thursday Courier. In the meantime, see is you can puzzle out which movies were showing that day (click for larger image).


BF said...

That's my guess anyway. Though that would make the date in the lower right corner of the photo wrong. It would put the photo in 1937, not 1935.

Dusty D said...

Hey, I think you're right. On the third line of the text it looks as though it says:


Now as you say that makes it 1937, so that changes my guesses for the first two lines. At first I thought it said "MERRY WIDOWS OF 1935". There was a movie in 1934 called "The Merry Widow"...not the best match.

Now I have no idea. Checked the Wikipedia list of 1937 films but can't seem to make a match. And now it looks more like "MEARY LEGEND OF 1938." Hmmm..

BF said...

Born to the West was released on 12/10/37.

Two Merry Adventurers was released on 12/31/37.

No snow on the ground, but some muddy cars.

Hard to be absolutely certain about the movie titles though. Did movie houses advertise in newspapers at that time? I would guess they did.