Friday, August 6, 2010

There Is No Better Lung Developer!

The electioneering is over. No more yard signs, pamphlets, arguments, junk mail, people with clipboards successfully fended off by a locked gate and two ferocious dogs who actually want nothing more than a tummy scratch. And some meatball drippin's from the cookie sheet. Man, they loved that. And those were some good meatballs. Very juicy; turns out it only takes 45 minutes at 350 degrees, not an hour.

My POINT is, it's time for Ypsilantians to pull together. We've got a new mayor, well, a used mayor I guess, and some incredible people doing amazing things like Amanda Edmonds at Growing Hope and Andy Ypsilanti building the Water Street Trail. There's a lot of challenges, but a lot to cheer about. A little old-style boosterism raises your neighbors' spirits. And a rising tide lifts all boats! Except sunken ones.

Here's what you can do. It's historically accurate and fun, a rare combination. Just memorize these authentic old EMU cheers. In the privacy of your own room work them over until you feel that you have them perfect. Then--Yell. The next time you're taking the #4 bus past EMU, just bust one out. Add some synchronized movements. You will attract the attention of your busmates, and that, my friend, is what we call a conversational opportunity. You can teach THEM the chant. Heck, yell it with enough energy and you'll get the whole bus doing it! Even the too-cool-for-school teen slouching in the corner over his iPod. You've got to reach them when they're young.

Here's Dusty Diary's favorite, but feel free to choose any of the 3 cheers laid out in this article (click to enlarge). And next time you hear this cheer wafting in the Ypsilanti breeze, take a look around for ol' DD. I could use some lunch.

"Hip-Zoo! Rah-Zoo! Quis, Qui! Quis, Quo!
M.S.N.C.! Tri-ump! Fe-o!
Peninsular! Michigan! Wolverine!
Alla-garoo! garah! gareen!
Normal College! The White! The Green!
Peninsular! Michigan! Wolverine!"

--October 1903 Normal News

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