Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Mystery Spot: Who Died?

I kind of hope those forecasted rains will sweep over us here in Ypsilanti. My garden is a bit parched and I keep running around with the hose, connecting it to each of the 4 soaker hoses in turn. Delectable beans, plump maters, and unbelievably crisp, cool, fresh cukes are in the balance! I never knew a bean could be so good until I cooked some of those cut-up Kentucky Wonders in chicken bouillon and put a big fat pat of butter on top with salt. Man, I ate those with the Big Spoon.

But not TOO much rain, else we might end up like Water Street when it was flooded in March of 1918! Congrats to Joe and Brent J. for their correct guesses!

Here are a bunch more photos of the flood. They were taken by Steve Pierce's grandfather.

This week's Mystery Spot also has something to do with water. This Spot is branded with the ominous crime-scene outline of a body and the question "Who Died?" But where is it? Take your best guess and good luck!


cmadler said...

There are two octagonal wooden protrusions over the Huron River in Riverside Park. One, of course, is the dock stage near the north end of the park. The other is at the south end at (or near) the bottom of stairs coming down from Michigan Avenue to the park. I think this is the latter.

DD said...

(whispers): have I really managed to stump cmadler?! Really?? This is CMADLER after all! One of the shrewdest guessers of them all! Well, land sakes, guess I have! Zowie!

(scurries away)

BF said...

As soon as I saw the photo, I was 95% certain of the location. I just had to stop and take a look, first.

Sitting there now. Nice views all around.

Would be nicer if I-94 didn't roll right by, a few hundred yards north.

DD said...

It's a scenic spot, to be sure. Yep, the highway noise is ever-present...but it's fun to feed the ducks from this spot!

cmadler said...


I considered that area briefly, but I didn't recall just such a spot. I've actually only been there once, about 8 years ago.

Dusty D said...

Just for clarity's sake, cmadler, which area you referring to (it's like we're all speaking in code!) :) :)