Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sleuth Alert: Where was Ypsi's Hixson Lunch?

Here's a neat li'l thing. Dusty D was reading old copies of the Normal College News the other day and in this delightful and highly literate old EMU paper, there were always a few pages of advertisements. Here's one, from the December 19, 1903 Normal College News:

A closer look reveals an ad for "Hixson Lunch," a 24-hour eating spot primed to provide short orders for diners without a lot of time. But where was Hixson Lunch? There's one clue in the ad below about a different place recently discussed on this blog. Do you recall? Can you figure it out? Where was Hixson Lunch?


BF said...

A. Green's, or Biggies? Gotta be somewhere about there.

DD said...

Hmm, what leads you to that conclusion if I may ask? (Not trying to be a tease, just wondering how you figgered it out).

BF said...

The bread crumbs you left, of course!

In this posting, the clue is: "Opposite D. Y. A. A., & J. Waiting Room".

D. Y. A. A., & J. = Detroit Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, & Jackson railway, as described in the 08/04 Wednesday Mystery Spot post, in which you mention "The actual waiting room, the downtown stop, and the freight depot were at 13 Washington Street." - the site of Pub 13 today. (Assuming 13 -North- Washington.)

So... if Hixon Lunch was "opposite" the waiting room, I take that to mean it was across the street, and not in the same physical building (as in: across the hall, or some such thing).

DD said...

Yessirree, that's exactly right: opposite the D. J. & whathaveyou. The 1905 directory lists the D. J.... waiting room as at 13-15 Washington, and Hixson Lunch as at 10 N. Washington. The perfect place to drop in for a bite while you're waiting for the interurban.

Anonymous said...

The restaurant was run by my great-grandfather, John "Fred" Hixson. He was born in Ypsi (1874) as were my grandfather and father. He died in 1969 when I was 6, but I still have fond memories of him. His father, John, ran a bicycle shop on the same street for a few years.

Here's a photo of Fred: