Friday, August 27, 2010

Old-Timey Naalbinding Rug

Dusty D just finished the rug she started and worked on during Heritage Fest.

Multiple people inquired about this mini rug during the Fest. It is made using the Scandinavian craft of naalbinding, which produces a thick squooshy fabric due to the tons of material it consumes.

Dusty D made this rug with a wooden needle that my husband made for me. The Vikings' needles were made of wood or bone.

DD put this rug in front of my husband's favorite sittin' spot in the interests of keeping his tootsies warm this coming winter.

And with the completion of this rug, Dusty D is officially done with HF and ready for fall.

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Dusty D said...

Dusty D likes naalbinding because it is...

1. SIMPLE. There's only 1 stitch; after you crochet the initial 7 stitches or so, you're home free.

2. COLORFUL. You can have great fun mixing colors, and I really enjoy that.

3. PRACTICAL. All those old too-small/stained T-shirts get turned into a useful and lasting--these rugs last forever--household object.

4. MINDLESS. Dusty D needs a mental break every now and then like everyone else. It's nice to listen to NPR and just work on this simple craft.

Yay for Viking rugs!