Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The 1919 Diary of Ypsilanti High School Teacher Carrie Hardy

Part of a year-long weekly serialization of Ypsilanti high school math teacher Carrie Hardy's diary.

Kind readers may recall that last week Carrie was back to teaching classes without feeling too badly. She bought some new blouses and skirts, though not the sheer georgette or low-cut blouses that some students were wearing, which were discussed at the parent-Teacher Club.

Oct. 14 Tues. Everything about as usual. No luncheons upstairs this week. Go down to lunch room about 11 o'clock.

Oct. 15 Wed. Miss Lich and I have 6:30 lunch with Mr. + Mrs. Houp, Miss Covell, + Miss Baird Washtenaw Co Institute. No school.

Oct. 16 Thurs. Mrs. Jennings entertained for Mrs. Goodrich of Minneapolis Minn (Miss Laird and Mrs. McLouth Ouija)

Oct. 17 Fri. Called after school to see Mrs. Stevens (Blanch Mott of South Bend, Ind. Tried to get Ins. papers. $20 Dr. Hull

Oct. 18 Sat. Van swept + dusted, etc. Mrs. Stevens + I were at May Webb's for dinner. In P.M. Aunt Ellen, May, Blanche + I drove to Ann Arbor. Insurance papers again.

Oct. 19 Sun. Was home all day. Did a few duties and rested for school next week.

Oct. 20 Mon. Washed a few things and ironed after supper. At 4:40 Cardinal Mercier (Belgium) talked from car.

Oct. 21 Tues. Rec'd Mr. Hutchins check for $60.00 for Aug. + 1/2 of Sept. Was at Mrs. Fletcher's for supper.

Thanks for reading; tune in next Tuesday for the next series!

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